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Give ur advice for MCA & Msc

Which is best??
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According to me, Both are almost Equivalent.

MCA- 3 Years
Msc- 2 Years.

May be others can help you better than me.
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What i feel is core programming will be there in MCA than MSc..

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Dont waste your parents money, after graduation, go and search Job and correspondence do your higher studies....

but in case you are very interested i suggest you to go for MSc

Nothing personal feelings dude... but go for a job and than do higher studies in your own money it has more value
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There is no such thing as Best, as both are good in their own way.

MCA is a course aimed at creating computer programmers who have no background in computers, i.e. for BA or B.Com graduates. Here the first sem teaches you the fundamentals of programming and you learn the real deal from the 3rd Sem. Where as in M.Sc you go direct into advanced concepts of programming without giving much of a coverage to fundamentals. If you have studied B.Sc (Comp Sc or Related as IT et. al) or BCA at your graduation level, M.Sc. is a better option as it is 2 years and you will learn things you haven't learnt before and not repeat the same things again.

The second advantage of M.Sc is that it is globally recognized. As MCA is a course only in India and no where else but M.Sc is a Masters Science course which the world knows of. If you have plans for further studies as in a PhD from a foreign university, then M.Sc. must be your default selection.

And as far as Distance Education is concerned, its always better to have one Full Time PG Degree as there are many organizations where in not much recognition is given to a Part Time Degree. Any additional Degrees you can go for Distance Learning.

Here is a link for Mangalore University's Syllabus for MCA & MSc, observe the subjects you will know the difference yourself.
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